Tab and Cyn take a moment to give you a sneak peek into their planners for the week because, well .. don’t we all love a good planner shot? This is one of our regular monthly posts, so take a look at previous ones for more inspiration! 

Tab’s Planner Shot

After a tumultuous planner year in 2015, I’ve decided to start 2016 off with the Inkwell Planner. It’s only my very first week, but I’m quite enamored with the luxurious paper, beautiful colors, and mission board pages. There is little love for the giant coil, however, that gets in my way when writing on Wednesday and Thursday, but I’m going to push through it to see if I can adjust to it. I took a shot of my First Week!

2016 Planner Shot #1.

Cyn’s Planner Shot

I’ve had more planners in 2015 than new shoes and I settled on a new Inkwell Planner like Tab. I’m not crazy about the wiggly build but I love the thick paper and even more so, I love how my favorite Frixion pens write on those glorious pages. I am so excited about using my new planner as it’s confirmation that a new year is dawning and I have a new start!

Planner Peek

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