The Challenge of Cutting Cable. www.craftoflaughter.comWhen we moved to Tennessee this past summer, we made the decision to use the transition as a motivation for changing our spending habits. With cable cut-off in Colorado, we were faced with the idea of keeping it cut off as an aspect of cutting costs (after that first year, our cable sky rockets to close to $200 a month, despite switching providers and shopping around). Round and round we went, trying to decide if cutting it out was the best alternative for us. Naturally, the lover of lists in the family (ahem, me), wrote out the pros and cons of cable.

Pros: We liked the availability of channels, particularly movies. We liked the convenience of it. We liked the variety.

Cons: We did not like the rising costs and the theory that, even with the variety of channels, there was nothing on.

We discovered how different our watching habits were – the kids likes kid’s movies on Netflix, so hardly watched regular tv. My husband really only spent time on the high dollar channels like HBO and Starz, preferring their exclusive shows, with the occasional venture onto AMC for Walking Dead. I was the one that watched the most “regular” television, with network channels such as CBS and FOX. I’d occasionally visit HGTV and Food Networks, too. So, what were we to do? How could we rectify cutting cable when it seemed to be able to match all of our varied needs?

After a TON of research and testing out other platforms, we finally made a decision. We cut the “cable” cable.

We opted for just internet, which comes in at less than $40 a month, and 5 distinct apps: Netflix and Amazon Prime (which we already used with cable, so I don’t view these as an added expense), Hulu, CBS Full Access, and HBO Go. And the results have been super awesome. We are all able to watch what we want, including my network shows, and I’m even able to watch live TV on the CBS Full Access app (so, come winter, I’ll be in-the-know for snow traffic on the roads). The kids are all about the new kid shows they found on Hulu and my husband happy binges on Game of Thrones. The “new” apps combined total to $40, bringing our new television bill to a total of $80 a month (a savings of $110, give or take a few bucks).

It was a real challenge trying to find the best options for us. We tested out a fair number of other platforms, including an antenna and SlingTV, but neither of those we worth it. We also ended up getting a Roku, just to streamline everything, so we did have the initial cost of that. However, it was well worth it. I suppose the next challenge will be cutting out the television all together, but when a girl needs a knitting-binge series, sacrifices must be made!

So, have you cut cable? What has been your greatest challenge in doing so?

A freelance editor, writer, and knitwear designer attempting to also raise a family, practice photography, and stay organized without losing my mind.