Christmas Planning Series 2015: Part ThreeYou guys! We are in the 3rd quarter of the year and it’s time again for our Christmas Planning accountability lists! It hasn’t been easy, to be sure – job changes, family events, and some family emergencies have all impacted our most well-placed plans. But, let’s catch up on where we are in our Top Ten Task List for the Christmas Planning Series 2015.

Tab’s Top Five Projects from Part One

  1. Finish my gift and baking lists.
  2. Make a complete materials list for all of my gift and baking lists.
  3. Update my recipe binder with clean holiday recipe cards. 
  4. Plug in project deadlines.
  5. Get started with handmade gift item #1. 

Tab’s Top Five Projects for Part Two

  1. Finish the dang recipe binder if it kills me.
  2. Get started with handmade gift item #1.
  3. Get started with handmade gift item #2.
  4. Check gift card list: update addresses and get a final count for stamps and envelopes.
  5. Schedule family photoshoot for holiday cards.

Tab’s Top Five Projects for Part Three

  1. Finish the gift card list.
  2. Complete the family photoshoot (all scheduled)
  3. Order holiday cards.
  4. Finalize the Thanksgiving and Christmas menus.
  5. Contemplate how and when I want to decorate.

Cyn’s Top Five Projects from Part One

  1. Holiday Cards. I will make my list with updated addresses, collect the supplies and craft the cards.
  2. Get started on handmade gift item #1. Since it’s for two kiddies who probably don’t read our blog, I can share. I’m making them stationary kits so they are encouraged to write actual letters!
  3. I’m also going to complete my baking lists, including lists of ingredients, packaging, and supplies
  4. Decide on a reasonable amount of handmade gifts and create project pages for each. The page will contain supplies, steps, and where the instructions are, Bite size steps!
  5. Finish detailed sections of my Holiday Notebook.

Cyn’s Top Five Projects for Part Two

  1. Craft Holiday cards, get stamps, address envelopes. (Stamps are preordered on the postal service web site. Addressing still needs to be done. The cards, oh they are absolutely beautiful…and finished!)
  2. Complete that dang baking section of my Holiday planner, even if it kills me.
  3. Get started on handmade gifts # 4 and 5.
  4. Do inventory of wrapping supplies, update planner with needs.
  5. Start collecting stocking stuffers.

Cyn’s Top Five Projects for Part Three

  1. Gifts: Finish handmade gifts #6 and 7. Finalize gift list (consider black Friday and cyber Monday!)
  2. Draft Christmas letter, get Holiday paper for printing, hit the print button.
  3. Finalize grocery lists for Thanksgiving and Christmas, continue collecting non-perishables
  4. Finish collection of stocking stuffers.
  5. Create calendar for ordering what I plan to order online and for mailing deadlines
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