Christmas Planning Series 2016: Baking Planner Printable. www.craftoflaughter.comWe are slowly but surely building our Holiday Notebook for 2016 (did you download your Christmas Budget and Gift Planners, yet?) and this month, I’m zeroing in on my baking plans.

Christmas Planning Series 2016: Baking Planner Printable. www.craftoflaughter.comThe FREE download for you gives you ample space for tracking those yummy goods. Begin by writing down the baked food item, where you can find the recipe (such as the page number of the cookbook or the web address), and who it is for. When you begin your baking later in the year, you can tick off when it was baked, wrapped, and sent. At the bottom, you’ll find space for your supply list that is easily cut out for shopping day.

It’s pretty easy! I’m not big on freezing my baked goods, preferring them fresh, so I bake over the first two weeks of December. With this planning sheet, though, I’ll be well prepared. In fact, so will you! So download it today to add to your Holiday Notebook and get started!

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