Creating a Christmas Budget

Do you spend time stressing over holiday spending?  Since we’re laying the foundation for a stress-free Holiday Season, lets tackle that budget now. Lets put a plan in motion so when the season arrives, we can spend the time celebrating the true meaning of the holiday instead of feeling guilty and worried about spending money we don’t have.

First, get out that trusty holiday notebook and if you don’t have a budget section, add one now. Download our free Budget Printable Here.

Christmas Budget Planner free printable download.

Sit down with your partner, if you have one, and list all the information you need to create a realistic Christmas budget.

  • Make a list of all the people you include in gift giving. Don’t forget the ones who sneak up on you at the last minute. Teachers, dog groomers, hair dressers.
  • Don’t forget the cards, stamps, wrapping paper, tree, charities, and special outings.
  • Do you bake or host large family meals?

Some people make two budgets, one strictly for gift giving, the other for all the extra’s.  Now is the time to make some hard decisions. Can you condense your list? Set priorities and then stick to them.  How much will you spend on each person? Add that to your budget page. How much are you assigning to the extra’s? Be specific! If you bake, baking supplies should be their own category. How can you get the most bang for your buck?

  • Shop for gifts through the year. Watch for sales!
  • Brainstorm frugal gift ideas. I recently came up with a baking kit to gift. I will buy holiday specific cupcake papers, sprinkles, and cookie cutters when they go on sale and come Christmas, they will build an incredible baking kit for someone special!
  • DIY gifts from the heart. Join me in my journey to create a gift a month. Heart-made gifts are the best.
  • Follow our monthly tasks and stretch those dollars (and lower your stress levels as a bonus.
  • Instead of individual gifts, consider family gifts.
  • Give gifts of time or talent instead of material goods. Babysitting, lawn mowing, household chores, a cooking or music lessons

You might consider stashing a small amount of money away each pay day. Even $10 a week will help ease the financial pinch during the holidays. Stick it in an envelope , put it in a separate savings account, or buy Visa gift cards and put them in your planner. Budgeting for the holidays should not stress you out. It’s a tool to help you prevent credit card overload and a roadmap to better spending.

Challenge yourself to getting the most out of every dollar. Be creative! We would love to hear some of your idea’s  so share them here or on our Facebook page!

How To Create a Holiday Budget

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