Christmas Gift Planner free printable download. My goal is to make most of my Christmas gifts and to get them done throughout the year. Yes… yes, I am well aware of how monumental that particular task is. And it can be, for those who aren’t planners! You might recall about a year or so ago, we talked about the Holiday Notebook and how each quarter, we try to accomplish a particular item off the yearly to-do list leading up to Christmas? Suffice to say, that Holiday Notebook works!

This early in the year, I start by printing out my gift list, punching it, putting it in my arc planner, and filling it out:

  • Recipients
  • What their gift is (knit socks? wreath? picture frame? etc)
  • What my budget for it is (do I need yarn? How much am I going to spend?)
  • And then, I make note of when it is finished, wrapped, and sent (because it is SO easy to forget whether I made things or not).

After I’ve made my gift list, then I start plugging the projects into my daily planner. Knitting is always ongoing, so I choose one or two items/recipients to make a month. Other crafts, such as necklaces or baked goods or magnets (what I made last year!), are worked on various free weekends throughout the year. To handle those, schedule a shopping day for supplies and then the craft day (or two) for making. The goal is to schedule at least one Make Day a month so that you stay on task. This method worked REALLY well for me last year and I am happily implementing the same routine this year.

Are you ready to put together your Holiday Notebook? Here’s your own free Christmas Gift Planner download to get you started!! Now, let’s get to work!

Christmas Gift Planner free printable download.



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