Christmas Planning Series 2016 with Craft of LaughterWell, here we are. One week and four days until the morning of the big day. And I’m feeling … almost ready. Almost.

But, there’s a big part that I have to admit this year: I’m not … in the Christmas spirit. Eep! I don’t know if it is the newness of where I am, the amount of work I’ve had on my plate, or just the topsy-turvy turns my family has had to experience these last couple of months in the background, but I can’t seem to bring myself to play the holiday music or do much decorating. That said, there is one part of this quiet winter holiday that is filling me.


I took a look at my holiday to-do list and almost scrapped the entire thing. In my mind, I was panicking about how far behind I fell in my gift planning and how much I had to reduce in my spending budget because of my husband’s job change. But, suddenly, this little voice inside of me whispered that it was about “what I can” and not about “what I can’t.” What can I do to show my heart, my love? What can I do to bring simple joy and peace to those I love?

My last list looked like this:

  1. Start shopping for gift list items (at least 3/4)
  2. Finalize food plans and shop for all the materials. Plug shopping days in calendar.
  3. Order holiday cards; have them ready to label and send.
  4. Three more handmade gifts completed.
  5. Update card list and verify addresses.

And over the last several weeks, I changed it to this:

  1. Make sweets to fill some hearts.
  2. Make ornaments to brighten their home.
  3. Make notes of love to those who need to hear.


And so, with only a bit of time left to go, I’m finishing some baking, but doing it with my heart in my hands. I just sent out simple notes to those far, yet dear. And my children and I cuddled around the table to craft ornaments that would last a lifetime. And I’m calling it whole, heart-filled, and done.

A freelance editor, writer, and knitwear designer attempting to also raise a family, practice photography, and stay organized without losing my mind.