Creating a stressfree holidayWe made it through yet another holiday season, the decorations are put away, and the kids have already broken or got bored with their toys! Now is the time to put a plan into place to stop the madness. Maybe it’s too late for this past Christmas but we can, and will, will small monthly action steps, create a less stressful Christmas of 2017. Don’t roll your eyes and tell me you can’t face the holiday so soon, yes you can! Yes, we can! It’s an easy one to do but vital, I promise.

Get a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or wine. Pull out your Christmas Notebook and go through it. Now is the time to decide what worked and what didn’t. Did something go over so well that you want to expand on it? Was the new recipe not the hit you thought it would be? Did you run out of wrapping paper and the tape needs to be replaced. Now is the time to make the notes while it’s all fresh in your head.

It’s time to clean out your notebook. Removed the receipts and pages your don’t need to reference. I like to add the previous years lists in the back of each section so I can reference them. Add fresh new pages, decorate with the stickers or washi that makes you happy and consider it a fresh slate! Let’s get this done!

Creating a stressfree holiday with bitesize monthly action steps



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