Christmas Planning Series 2017: Tab's First Action StepsI’m just going to say it as if I was ripping off a band-aid:

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas. 

There. Don’t we all feel better? No? I hear you, I hear you – “It’s only March, for Pete’s sake!!”

But, if you know anything about Cyn and I, it is that we are planners at heart. It may be true that our follow-through could [ahem, always] use some work or that we don’t always finish what we start or that we have to resort to physical violence in order to actually meet a deadline with each other, BUT, we are gung-ho about making sure our Christmas goals are well thought out! I’m pulling out the Holiday Planner and jotting down my ideas and goals for this first quarter of 2017.

Holiday Action List for the First Quarter of 2017

  1. Start getting actually putting together a Holiday Notebook.
  2. Plan a handmade gift to make each month.
  3. Set a Christmas budget.
  4. Plan a Christmas family party and schedule it now.
  5. Plot some holiday “self-care” days (because, yeah, I can already feel the need).

If you scroll this list of Free Printables, you’ll find everything you need to put together your own Holiday Planner. What’s on your action list?

A freelance editor, writer, and knitwear designer attempting to also raise a family, practice photography, and stay organized without losing my mind.