5 Tips for Great Holiday Photos. www.craftoflaughter.comAll over the country, right now, families are pinning clothing ideas on Pinterest, shopping for coordinating tops, and browsing photographers online. It is that time of year again: the family photoshoot in order to create the holiday card.

I’m in the early stages of my own planning right now, too. Having just moved to Tennessee, I don’t really know the “hot spots” for a good shoot, so I’ve been browsing local forums to find just the right location. Having a hobbyist photography background means I’m able to handle everything from start to finish for my fam, but you might be wondering how you can best prepare? I think these steps to follow will help…

Five Tips for Great Holiday Photos

  1. First, choose the photographer – Find someone who is relaxed, but knowledgeable, and who has a style that you enjoy. Word of mouth is often the best way, but Google is your friend, too.
  2. Then, choose your location – At home? In the woods? At the local park? What represents your family well? What location has good light and a great background? Your photographer can help you with this, too.
  3. Plan the outfits – This can be the hardest thing to figure out, but that’s where Pinterest comes in to play. Simply search “Family photoshoot wardrobe” and you will find SO many ideas! From here, the rest is easy….
  4. Talk to the kids – Be straight up with them and let them know what will happen, “We are having a photographer take our pictures so we can give Grandma a beautiful gift. Sometimes if will be boring, sometimes it will be fun, and it might take a while, but it will go so much faster if you are ready every time the photographer says smile.” Remind them to behave, encourage them to listen, and only bribe if you have to (I don’t advocate the bribing part simply because I’ve found it does not work).
  5. Now, parents, remember to smile. Yes, PARENTS! No matter what the kids are doing, you need to always be in-pose and smiling at the camera. Trust the photographer to handle the kids so that he/she doesn’t have to clone a smile on your own face in a million photographs. ALWAYS be looking and smiling at the camera! 🙂

Once you get your proofs and copies, take a look at your handy Holiday Notebook Card List … oh wait, you might need one, huh?

Holiday Notebook. Christmas Card List printable. www.craftoflaughter.comThis Christmas Card List will ensure you know exactly how many cards to order, as well as save you time hunting down addresses for that envelope labeling torture. Download it and then it’s off to look for a card! If you don’t order directly through your photographer, look for printers who tend to be more consistent with their colours, such as tinyprints.com or Costco. A couple of friends of mine order through tinyprints every year with great success. From there, it is all downhill and all you have to do is lick, stamp, send.

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