Our Coffee Talks; A Break From the Daily Grind to Chat. www.craftoflaughter.comDear Mum.

Another year, another turn around the sun, another year … dare I say it … OLDER. While my husband is bemoaning the fact that he’s hitting the big 4-0 this year, I think I’m doing all right with it. A little more gray, a little more lines, but I kind of don’t mind it. Yet.

Birthdays are a lot like New Years, don’t you think. A time where we look at our life and wonder, “Is this where I thought I’d be at this age?” I was sitting on my back porch, soaking up the sun on the wonderful warmth that graces my birthday (today, in case you forgot …. you didn’t did you? I better be getting a card in the mail today. Wink), and I realized that, yep. I’m in a pretty good place. I wrote my first book and am enjoying working on my second. I have a kick ass husband and wonderful family. I have a fantastic job that I love and soon, so very soon, I will have YOU living near me. Honestly, I think striking it rich with the lottery would be the only thing to take it from great to perfect. Haha!

Oh, sure, I still need to get back to exercising, lose a few pounds, get more involved in my community and volunteering, but right now? Right now, I feel alllll riiiiight. I bet it’s those genes from the lady who birthed me some thirty-odd years ago.

Love Tabetha

Our Coffee Talks is a letter, where we chat about the daily grind, the thoughts percolating in our heads, or the general ideas and shares of life after coffee. 

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