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Dear Daughter;

A birthday is the perfect day to reflect on the days that have gone by and look forward to the days ahead and I’m so glad you had that moment in the sun to do just that. You certainly are blessed with a kick ass husband and an incredible family. Don’t forgot those fur balls too.

You’ve reached new heights this year. You not not only wrote but also published a novel. You have a job you love, one you’re incredibly good at. You have two girls who will make a great impact on the world.

Yep, you are blessed, my darling daughter. My birthday wish for you is that for the next 365 days, you continue to recognize and appreciate the blessings in your life. Each night, count the five things that you are grateful for. On those incredibly tough days, you might have to reach deep, but in the end, you’ll realize that the birds singing in the morning distracted you from the problem you were contemplating, you will smile when you think how your favorite song came on the radio, and how a gentle squeeze of your hubby’s hand seemed to make everything alright.

Some blessings are small but no less important. And, this, dear daughter, is my birthday wish for you. That your days are filled with blessings large and small and, more importantly, you recognize them all.

Love, Mama

Our Coffee Talks is a letter, where we chat about the daily grind, the thoughts percolating in our heads, or the general ideas and shares of life after coffee. 

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