Our Coffee Talks; A Break From the Daily Grind to Chat. www.craftoflaughter.comDear Mom,

It’s about 2:30 in the morning and I just came back in from walking the new puppy. Again. She’s cute, as in really damn cute, but is it cute enough to get me through this frustrating house-breaking process? It makes me think back on our zoo of a homestead with horses, pigs, goats, dogs, cats, and three unruly girls. How in the world did you handle it all?

Handling it … I kind of think that has been my weakest character trait as of late. When I was contemplating my goals for this new year, “centered” kept coming up. Centered enough to handle what life throws at me. Centered, grounded enough to handle a peeing-every-where-puppy. Calm enough to not freak out because the puppy has to be taken out at 2am while my husband lays in bed with a fever, the kids snore amidst messy rooms, dishes glare at me from the sink, and my work to-do list tomorrow is uncomfortably long. But, I bet I already know your answer … “This, too, shall pass.” I smile, in the dark, because I know that’s probably the truest thing you’ve ever said to me.


Saying it out loud helped me feel better.

The bigger question, I think, is – have you finished cleaning off that disaster of a desk?

I’m going to go put this pup in her crate, climb back in my bed and kiss my sick husband, and know that tomorrow is a new day. Assuming I’m awake enough to see it.

Love Your Oldest,


Our Coffee Talks is a letter, where we chat about the daily grind, the thoughts percolating in our heads, or the general ideas and shares of life after coffee. 

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