Our Coffee Talks; A Break From the Daily Grind to Chat. www.craftoflaughter.comDear Mum,

Perseverance, huh? Your timing on such a topic couldn’t be any more impeccable than it is right now as I battle trying to balance work and family life with the needs of a sick guinea pig and heartbroken daughter. And while I know balance is just an urban myth they use to sucker people into thinking they can do it all, I feel so far from that ideal as though I could never even be on the same planet with it.

Flailing is more apt a word.

Oldest Learns to Nurse a Guinea Pig

However (and it’s a tremulous however, mind you), today, after falling asleep listening to the rain outside, I think I’m okay. I looked in the mirror and said, “One thing at a time.” It’s the same thing I told my Oldest this morning when she sobbed over trying to syringe feed Eap. It’s the same thing I whispered in her ear last night as she cried in my arms with worry over whether Eap would survive the surgery to remove the abscess. It’s the same thing I said to the Youngest when she panicked about getting all of her homework done in between dinner and vet hospital runs.

Isn’t that the essence of perseverance? One thing at a time … one step … one minute … on breath at a time.

Because even though I might be flailing today, when I look back? When I look back, I know it’ll all have worked out as it was supposed to. Just like when I fought tooth and nail to write a book … or make it through college … overcome the sickness of my first pregnancy … handle the ups and downs of marriage ….

Perseverance. I like it.

BUT, did you persevere in getting that desk cleaned?



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