My children were perusing a new toy catalog this past week, circling everything they wanted. My friends on Facebook are posting about Black Friday deals that we all know aren’t really worth it in the long run. And every time I turn on the television, its always just “stuff” that we are supposed to want, need, have, drop a dime for, go in debt for …

It’s almost like I’ve got the winter blues setting in.

A woeful holiday realization.


This year, I’m doing something different and I hope you join me! I’m officially declaring that Black Friday is no longer Black Friday. It shall be, forever more in my home, Give Back Friday! We’re going to donate to charities in need, find places to help out, and buy toys for underprivileged children. It’s a day we think about others. And in this day’s climate, I think it’s a day we’ve long been craving.

Give Back Friday is going to be a thing, ya’ll!

Give Back Friday - Ten Charities You Can Help. www.craftoflaughter.comIn lieu of a Top Ten Crumbs Post this week, I offer up Ten Charity Picks you might want to consider for your own Give Back Friday plans

  1. Local homeless shelters (they are always in need of toiletries, socks, blankets, and coats)
  2. Family Promise (amazing program that helps house families)
  3. The Angel Tree from Salvation Army (shop with your kids for another kid)
  4. Boys & Girls Club (spend the day with someone who needs your light)
  5. Sierra Club (give back to Mother Earth)
  6. Your local food bank (help stock them up or serve food)
  7. Shoes That Fit (great organization that always needs shoes)
  8. Hope for Warriors (volunteer or donate)
  9. Honor Flight (always needing donations)
  10. National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (donations)
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