Reaching Goals Planning Series 2017.

We lined up our goals for the year and in order to reach those mountain tops, this old gal needs to break the journey into smaller achievable (and measurable!!) objectives, in this case, quarterly targets. I can then plot my course backward, jotting the bite size action steps into my planner.

Yearly Goals in each of my five chosen categories:

  1. Personal:  Make the cross country move as stress-free as possible. Continue reaching out and connecting. Cards, small surprise gifts, Random Acts of Kindness. And to treat myself once a month!
  2. Business: Write and follow a comprehensive scheduling plan for building my business. I was totally unprepared for it’s growth, especially over the holidays this year and I want to be proactive in 2017.
  3. Health: Regain what I lost during my recovery year. Lace up and clock 500 miles this year. I am adding scheduled strength training instead of hit or miss.
  4. Writing: Write everyday. Finish a novel. Three E-books completed.
  5. Financial: A 3 month fund built up before we move. Be as frugal as possible this year, competing with myself with amount saved each month.

My Quarterly Goals:

  1. Personal: Finish purging for move.
  2. Business: Shop stocked with 100 products.
  3. Health: Add strength training two times a week. Run more consistenly.
  4. Writing: Finish Christmas e-book. Complete novel outline.
  5. Financial: Build 1.5 month backup fund for move. (1.5 of take monthly take home pay)

Consistency is my word of the year and to reach my goals, being consistent is a must. I need to use my planner more effectively and my goals need to a part of each weeks planning session. I need to see the list and let it motivate me. Every. Single. Day.




Running life at my own pace, laughing the whole time