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Our Coffee Talks is a letter, where we chat about the daily grind, the thoughts percolating in our heads, or the general ideas and shares of life after coffee. 

Dear Daughter;

Wow, you did it, you’ve written a novel. A whole novel! I am so proud of you. After years of talking about writing a book, you finally got your mind right, you dug deep for motivation, and made a plan. And you, my darling daughter, are the illustration of having persevered.

Sometimes it feels so easy to give up…but giving up in life won’t enable you to achieve your goals. Look at the recent Super Bowl. The best comeback game in the history of the Super Bowl and it’s due to the losing team reaching deep in their heart and getting motivated to win. And they won. While you know, I was cheering for the Falcons, I couldn’t help but admire the perseverance of Brady and his teammates. They made it happen. Just like you did!

So the next time you suffer that nagging self doubt, remember that winning touchdown. Remember how excited you were when you reached that tremendous goal. Bask in the knowledge that you persevered and kicked some literary ass.

I am so proud of you, daughter.

Love Mama

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