Deciding on how to manage household chores and tasks seems to be one of the popular topics on the internet! It seems people have a pretty clear idea on their organizational style, their decorating tastes, their menu plans but ask how they manage their household tasks and you get a deer in the head lights look. Do you keep a master list? Do you write the tasks in your daily planner? Do you use an electronic system? Then add in the multitude of programs, wow!

Some help is available on the web if you need some guidance! A few of my favorite sites:

Flylady has been around for a long time and has an e-mail list that sends out daily reminders and missions. She says as you progress, “You will be ready to develop your own routines, build your own control journal, and start work in the zones.” There are thousands of followers and the system seems to work for many people!

Organized Home has a Cleaning Grand Plan (as well as others!) that works by “breaking down cleaning and decluttering into weekly assignments, the Plan brings about whole-house change in small, easy-to-achieve steps.”

Living Well Spending Less has a post on how to create a cleaning schedule that works for you with several different options to fit various cleaning styles.

For years I wrote my daily chores, tasks, and things to do in a steno pad. I still have one sitting in a basket on my desk “just in case”. I tried writing cleaning tasks in my planner but it cluttered things up. I tried making a master list but that never seemed to work for my schedule. I discovered Tick Tick and love it! I entered (and continue to enter) daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Each day I open the program (it will automatically sync with all my devices) and check off the tasks as they are completed. As added insurance for my cluttered mind, I added tasks that are time sensitive such as paying my car payment, heart guarding my dogs, or renewing my nurses license (there is comfort in knowing that it will remind me in a couple of years!). Then on my daily planner I add a simple “Daily Tasks” to remind me to check Tick Tick.

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The secret to keeping track of your tasks is finding a system that works for you. Are you a once a week cleaner, a little bit at a time cleaner, a specified day of the week person, or a fly by the seat of your pants person? We would love to hear your systems, why you chose it, and why it works for you!


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