Each year I have grand plans for the holiday season. I have a list of handcrafted gifts I want to make, I have new decorations swirling in my brain, and of course, I always have a dozen new recipes to try out and add to the multitude of treat and cookie trays I would love to gift to people. On top of that, I dream of mailing gifts early enough not to have to pay express shipping and staying in budget would be a dream come true. While each year I improve in both the planning and the execution, I always find myself running out of time, out of money, and out of energy and then I vow to start early and not to be so overwhelmed.

We invite you to take charge of your holiday planning with us this year. We will provide some great holiday planning and organizational ideas and also to help motivate you and in return, you can help keep us motivated. To help keep us accountable, we will post our individual lists of ten projects to complete before the next installment!. You will find those lists posted this Friday and we would love for you to share your lists with us too!

To kick start out Christmas Planning Series, lets create a Holiday Notebook. There are hundreds of creative ideas online on how to create a one and I suggest you make one that fits your needs. You can make it as decorative or as plain as you want, just make it functional. My planners are work horses! I keep the same planner each year, tweaking as my needs change or as I discover I need something different. There are free printable’s online if that’s what you want (and by all means, if pretty printable’s motivate you to take charge of your holidays, use them!)


I started with a simple disc bound ARC notebook from Staples, and yes, I chose red for the season! I added some dividers, also purchased at Staples, and labeled them with my label maker. My sections include Gifts, Projects, Food, Cards and Decorations, and Home. I create subcategories with post it tabs. Some of those are cleaning, stocking stuffers, etc. I also like a running Master List in the front of my planner! It helps prompt me to stay on task.

Other Categories you might want to consider are

  • Recipes
  • Party Planning
  • Christmas Letter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday

As I updated my Holiday Notebook I became very excited about tackling the chaos and being ahead of the game this year. The more excited I became, the more ideas popped into my head and I am looking forward to sharing them in the coming months! So I invite you to create your holiday notebook, jot down your idea of what you want the holidays to be in your house, and start planning and preparing! Share your thoughts, your needs, your ideas.


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