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Dear Daughter;

I have loved seeing the photo’s of the puppy, her ears flying in the breeze as she tears around the yard. I love the video’s of her and Pippin playing, I’m thrilled he is finally accepting the fact that he has a new sister.  And then I smile as I think of you bitching and moaning about house breaking that new little bundle of love. Yes, my darling daughter, this too will pass and in the end, Roo will be a wonderful part of a family, your family.

Centered. Your word for 2017. You will find some kind of balance, you always do. And in the meantime, remember that moms have it tough. They’re expected to remain calm and centered, they’re expected to keep life flowing smoothly and to keep everyone on track. <insert fake cough that sounds remarkably like BullSh*t) You do the best you can, hope for the best, and know that every mom struggles with balance and being centered. Lord knows, I was neither centered or balanced and you guys turned out okay. Actually better than okay!

The puppy will eventually stop peeing in the house and life will go on. This too will pass, my darling daughter.

Love, Mom

Our Coffee Talks is a letter, where we chat about the daily grind, the thoughts percolating in our heads, or the general ideas and shares of life after coffee. 


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