Tab and Cyn take a moment to give you a sneak peek into their planners for the week because, well .. don’t we all love a good planner shot? This is one of our regular monthly posts, so take a look at previous ones for more inspiration! 

Tab’s Planner Shot

I did something CRAZY. You might remember me complaining about the coil in my Inkwell Planner? Long story short, I cut it out, splurged on a Malden Filofax, and put that puppy in the beautiful leather cover. To be honest, I copied my mom. Haha! I am SO glad I did this! I can pull my pages out to write on a flat surface, add additional note pages, and remove months as they finish. Not to mention, the entire planner is such a joy to look at and hold. If you’ve been hesitant about re-covering … don’t!

Peek at the Week 2016: Planner Shot #2. Peek at the Week 2016: Planner Shot #2.

Cyn’s Planner Shot

I can’t take credit for revamping the planner, I saw it on a planner facebook group. I have to admit, I was scared to death to disassemble a $60 planner but OH.MY.GOD. I am so glad I did. I also purchased an A5 punch and can add extra pages within my week such as an errand page or as in this following picture, the timed schedule I am testing out. The Malden Filofax is pure deliciousness!

February Planner ShotFebruary Planner Shot


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