Tab and Cyn take a moment to give you a sneak peek into their planners for the week because don’t we all love a good planner shot?

Tab’s Planner Shot

This coming up week, I’ll be playing catch up on work in the midst of early release for the kids, family flying in, and planning a birthday (my oldest is going to be TEN!! TEN!!!!!!! WHAT am I going to do with a ten year old?!?!?!). I’m using my Erin Condren Life PLanner, a new stamp set for the hydration and plane icons, some washi to denote important deadlines, and my friXion erasable pens. I’m also using my ruler list for daily items, a couple of post-it notes for transitional items, and prayers for getting it all done!

Peek at the Week #1: Planner Shots.

Cyn’s Planner Shot

Stamping my planner is new to me and I’m still making up my mind if I will continue it or not! I do love the stamps from Studio L2E though and use the List It and Plan It sets regularly. I used the Iconic List set on the Post It notes! Of course, I use both the erasable Frixion pens and highlighters! I used Washi to mark off the days we will be out of town, it’s time to celebrate a birthday! A TENTH birthday! YIKES! I love the little plane stamp to indicate our travel!

Peek at the Week #1: Planner Shots.


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