Tab and Cyn take a moment to give you a sneak peek into their planners for the week because, well .. don’t we all love a good planner shot? This is one of our regular monthly posts, so take a look at previous ones for more inspiration! 

Tab’s Planner Shot

So, after running into some inner difficulties with my Erin Condren (cover falling apart, coiling always had problems that started tearing the paper, tabs falling apart, etc), I started the hunt to find a new replacement. I’ve been a die-hard EC girl from the get-go, so this was a (this is going to sound dramatic) devastating process for me. I decided to do it early enough in the year so that I could experiment with different ones and uncover THE planner for the start of 2016. Let me tell you – it has not been easy. Apparently, I have specific needs that are hard to meet (vertical columns, no lines, no times, no extra woo that takes up the much needed writing space for my crazy-long to-do lists) … Unless I want to pay a bundle, that is. Oy. I love vertical columns, but apparently, those are only available with the pricey planners, other than the office brands that also contain appointment times. I did find one cheap, easy Staples brand one, but found the pages way too thin to handle my sharpie pens. On top of that, the entire months of Feb – April were all messed up (which is NOT good for someone who has a million spring deadlines that need planning now). In desperation, I settled for a horizontal layout from Target – The Day Designer by Blue Sky. While it isn’t “planner peace” for me (thin paper, narrow coil that makes it a little hard to turn pages), it fills the temporary bill until I uncover my dream planner once again.

Peek at the Week #4: Planner Shots. Peek at the Week #4: Planner Shots.

Cyn’s Planner Shot

I’ve also been struggling to find planner peace. My planner needs have changed, I realized one day when I set my planner aside and made a to do list instead. I used to make a to do list each day until planners came into my life and I realized that’s actually how I plan! No wonder I’ve been planner sad! I decided to give bullet journaling a try and really like it, except I need a calendar! I bought a cheap (well, ya’ll know nothing in the planner world is cheap but…) monthly calendar to use as a companion and found juggling two things was too cumbersome. I found a Staples Brand planner with vertical days that I’ve been trying out. One problem is that I hate the thinness of the pages -I like to highlight- and I don’t like only having my weekend squished into one column. I actually am productive on the weekends! I do like that I can basically bullet style planning on my vertical lines and it’s all contained in one binder. Will this be IT? No, not by a long shot. But I will make do until I stumble upon just what I want and need.

Peek at the Week #4: Planner Shots.

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