Valentine’s Day is already around the corner (GASP) and with it comes the need for something sexy or sweet, frugal and easy, and definitely loving. We’ve scoured Pinterest for Top Ten Crumbs of Frugal Valentine Gifts for your spouse that you can try!

Show him your nuts about him with this cute idea from Freebie Finding Mom.

The 36th Avenue has an awesome printable for a donut loving spouse!

12 days of Valentine’s in coupon form by the Dating Diva’s

iCreative Ideas has a tutorial for beautiful roses made of strawberries. Healthy too!

If you’re cooking a romantic dinner, these heart shaped pies by cake student would be the perfect dessert

A Spicy Perspective will show you how to win his heart with their Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Pops, for sure!

Is your spouse a running with a drawer filled with race shirts? Monica Pare has a great tutorial for a quilt made from those shirts.

A Designer Life has a healthy romantic fruit salad to show your love

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be, well…Valentine’s Day without truffles. Hoosier Homemade walks us through some pretty delicious looking cookie dough truffles.

Pin Tried It shows you how to make some cool scratch off tickets. Will he be a winner??



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