How could we be facing March already! The year is flying by for sure. I love seeing the planner shots that others post and I love all their creativity. Lots of stickers, quotes, and other cute things. But alas, my planner is a work horse and by the time I put my home lists, my work tasks and schedules, the blog notes, and my side hustle deadlines and projects, there is no spare space to add colorful stickers and accessories! I felt lucky to be able to use some washi tape to separate my planner pages! This made me sad until I realized I could add some splashes of excitement and make them useful too.

Tab generously gifted me a few planner clips and I love them. I use one to clip the month I’m in and one for the next months spread. This could work!

With some supplies already on hand, I made some ribbon planner clips and thought I’d share how easy they are to make! Ribbon, paper clips, and scissors! Let me apologize in advance for the condition of my cutting mat. It gets as much of a workout as my planner!

Planner Peek at the Week: February Edition (and a DIY project!)


And then I found these cute printables from Emcasa. Love the coffee mug!

Easy to print them out on cardstock, cut out, and hot glue!

My mind went wild. I found some printable foxes from here to add. Who doesn’t love foxes! And buttons, I love buttons and have quite a collection! Guess what my next project will be!?

So now I feel better. My hard at work planner stuffed with things to do, tasks to complete, and projects to finish has a little added life from those little splashes of color and cuteness.

Running life at my own pace, laughing the whole time