Only a two months before the new year is upon us  (I know, I know, but please don’t shoot the messenger) and we’ve noticed that are planners are also coming to an end. If you know Tab and I at all, you know we are planner addicts but more than that, we’ve set out to find planner peace in our lives. So this week, we’ve dedicated to forming a plan, deciding what exactly we want out of a planner, and how we are going to put that puppy to work for us.

Planning Planners

  • I used an Erin Condren Life Planner for years and discovered that it really didn’t fit my lifestyle. I put it away.
  • I experimented with bullet journaling. All the symbols and icons were a bit much but I loved the running list.
  • I tried creating my own planner as a disc bound planner and while I love the Holiday Planner that I set up, the ARC just didn’t work as a day to day planner for me.
  • I’m also a note jotter, pieces of paper, post it notes, tag this, flag that. I write a note and then promptly forget it. Well, until I find the note months later and realize I missed yet another deadline!
  • Loving lists, I thought a vertical layout would work for me so I bought a cheap planner from Staples and have been using that along with a moleskin holding my running Master To Do list. Not ideal but doable. I was correct, a vertical day better suits my style.

So I bought an Inkwell Press Vertical layout for 2016. I also, on the spur of the moment, bought a daily docket pad at the same time. I don’t know why. When it arrived, it sat there, staring at me, I felt like I wasted the money. I didn’t need a daily docket, ugh! For days I contemplated this pad of paper. And then I unwrapped it. In a moment of brilliance, I turned it into a dashboard. I use it as my running Master list, a place for my appointments, orders, errands, and notes I want to remember or eventually put somewhere else. Where I used to jot down the perfect title for a novel on a post it note and then find it months later and wonder what Melody Hills meant…now it rests on my dashboard until I put it where it belongs. I can move that one piece of paper to the next week or start a new one. Sure beats all the crooked arrows in bullet journaling, sure beats all the missing post it notes. I think this system will work for me, for now.

Planning Planners

Don’t fall into the trap of using a planner because it’s the coolest trend. Decide what your needs are and then find a system that works for you.

Running life at my own pace, laughing the whole time