Reaching Goals Planning Series 2017. www.craftoflaughter.comJanuary flew by quickly, meaning we are nearing the mid-point of our first quarter in the year (how can that be?). You might remember the yearly goals I put together for myself:

  1. Personal: Return to a morning and evening routine, making it simple, focused, and productive
  2. Writing: Write every day to complete 2 novels
  3. Financial: Work through all the Total Money Makeover Baby Steps
  4. Health: Institute a new “practice” every month to get my health back on track: Water, 30 min exercise, eating breakfast, etc
  5. Relationships: Have regular “dates” with myself, my kids, and my husband. Cultivate connection with community through volunteerism and with family through cards/letters

It took a little bit of time to figure out, but I broke those down into smaller baby steps for this first quarter:

By the end of March, I hope to be able to mostly develop consistent routines across the board. BUT, and here’s the big BUT. how does one implement their quarterly goals into their weekly/daily life? That’s actually the easy part. Each month, I sit down and I put those goals in the monthly planner and in the weekly planners each week. I plot out what days I am going to work on outlines, family dates, and write letters. I’ve penciled in deadlines for amounts I want to pay towards debt. And I’ve used the handy trackers included in the Inkwell to monitor my habits I want to develop.

In January, my specific breakdown of those quarterly goals looked like this:

  1. Start developing a consistent morning routine: this was achieved by getting up a little earlier in increments. The “T” meant I tracked it in the planner’s Habit Tracker.
  2. Consistent letters: I scheduled these in the planner.
  3. I chose a determined amount to pay off and put money aside each week.
  4. I worked on Habit 1 (eat breakfast every day). The “T” meant I tracked it in the planner’s Habit Tracker.
  5. I completed half of Novel’s outline.

Which means February will now look like this:

  1. SI’ll work on implementing a consistent PM routine. I’ll track that in the Habit Tracker.
  2. I’ll add family dates to my monthly schedule in addition to the letters.
  3. I’ve chosen a determined amount to pay off and will put money aside each week.
  4. Habit 2 to develop this month is Plan and Prep Easy Grab-n-Go Lunches so I stop skipping lunch. I’ll track this in the Habit Tracker.
  5. I’ll complete the other half of the Novel outline and start half of the eBook outline.

When everything is broken down like this, those goals lose their scary “big” feel, don’t you think? Have you broken down your yearly goals into actionable baby steps?

A freelance editor, writer, and knitwear designer attempting to also raise a family, practice photography, and stay organized without losing my mind.