Reaching Goals Planning Series 2017. www.craftoflaughter.comTomorrow is the last day of the year. Say goodbye to 2016 (and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!) and get ready for 2017 with us by sharing your goals for the new year!

Tab’s Top Five Goals

Last year, I didn’t really break down my goals into specific, achievable steps, so that has changed this year!

  1. Personal: Return to a morning and evening routine, making it simple, focused, and productive
  2. Writing: Write every day to complete 2 novels
  3. Financial: Work through all the Total Money Makeover Baby Steps
  4. Health: Institute a new “practice” every month to get my health back on track: Water, 30 min exercise, eating breakfast, etc
  5. Relationships: Have regular “dates” with myself, my kids, and my husband. Cultivate connection with community through volunteerism and with family through cards/letters

Taking those goals, I broke them down into specific progress markers:

Readying for 2017: Tab's Take on planners, planning, and review.

Cyn’s Top Five Goals:

Bring on 2017!

Consistency is the bane of my existence and so I will be working hard to remain consistent and motivated. If I can run 100 days in a row, I can certainly create habits to help me to accomplish my other goals.

  1. Personal: Continue reaching out and connecting. Cards, small surprise gifts, Random Acts of Kindness. And to treat myself once a month!
  2. Business: Write and follow a comprehensive scheduling plan for building my business. I was totally unprepared for it’s growth, especially over the holidays this year and I want to be proactive in 2017.
  3. Health: Regain what I lost during my recovery year. Lace up and clock 500 miles this year. I am adding scheduled strength training instead of hit or miss.
  4. Home: Our big move is in June and we need to finish purging and really plot our moving schedule. A big habit to build is to keep things contained where they belong and to put supplies and tools away when I am finished. Period.
  5. Financial: A 3 month fund built up before we move. Be as frugal as possible this year, competing with myself with amount saved each month.


A freelance editor, writer, and knitwear designer attempting to also raise a family, practice photography, and stay organized without losing my mind.