Reaching Goals in 2016 Series. www.craftoflaughter.comHere we are, staring down the end of 2016. I don’t know about you, but I am eager, ready, desperate to say goodbye to what I think has been a contentious, tumultuous year! New years always bring new hope, ideas, and shifts in perspective. It’s an exciting process that fills me with energy and determination!

2016 in Review

Looking back on the year, I learned a couple of valuable lessons – that I’m not as “grounded” as I had thought, that I definitely need more help than I let myself think, and that I need more me time. I learned that I CAN write a BOOK (yes, I did it!), that I can trust my gut, and that everything really does happen for reason. I learned that first impressions aren’t always the case and you can always be surprised by people, in both good and bad ways. And I learned that if I want my world to change, I have to step up and help change it.

2016 brought a ton of challenges – fixing and selling a house, making a cross-country move, dealing with job loss and transition, new schools, new faces, and new ways of doing things. We also dealt with heartbreak and fear as childhood legends passed and politics went chaotic. But, it wasn’t all bad – not by a long shot! We started to grow new roots, re-connected with friends in amazing ways, found a new home, discovered a school that my children are thriving in, re-discovered what being grateful means, new jobs, new dreams, and family is now close enough to call on for both company and support. Those wonderful things go a looooong way to overcoming the obstacles.

2017 Planner Setup

Now, my planner! I used an Inkwell Classic planner, ripped it out of its hard cover, trimmed it down, and put it in a filofax Malden. And it worked really well for me. Did I utilize it to its full potential? Not until late in the year, but as I sit here with my brand new Inkwell Classic A5 that fits perfectly in my purple Malden, I have some pretty strong ideas on how I can continue my newfound trend of monthly reviews, brain dumps, and time blocking. I also have a couple of ideas to utilize the full space of the planner, with those three little boxes. Take a look at my setup…

Readying for 2017: Tab's Take on planners, planning, and review. Readying for 2017: Tab's Take on planners, planning, and review. Readying for 2017: Tab's Take on planners, planning, and review. Readying for 2017: Tab's Take on planners, planning, and review. three boxes are going to be used for:

  1. Important work deadlines
  2. Knitting quota requirements
  3. Weekly household chores (because this fell apart severely)

The Daily View will be split in half:

  1. The top half will be my todo list and appts for the day
  2. The bottom half will be my time block schedule, to keep me focused.

Working between the monthly view and the weekly view has been the main focus on my adjustments, trying to increase brain retention without being overly redundant. Here’s how I am going to continue to plan in 2017.

At the End of Every Month:

  1. Review goals from a monthly, weekly, and daily perspective.
  2. Schedule Me Dates.
  3. Schedule Family Dates.
  4. Plan Birthdays.
  5. Confirm work deadlines.
  6. Copy deadlines over to weekly boxes.

Every Friday:

  1. Confirm monthly plan and deadlines.
  2. Review week ahead appts and to do lists.
  3. Make schedule adjustments, as necessary.

How are you setting up your planner for 2017? What worked for you in 2016? What didn’t?

A freelance editor, writer, and knitwear designer attempting to also raise a family, practice photography, and stay organized without losing my mind.