Reaching Goals in 2016 Series.

I love the last week of the year.  To me, it’s a chance to review the year, see what worked, what didn’t. I get to remember the good times with joy and figure out how to get closure on those not so good times. I look at this time as preparing to open the cover of a new book, one I look forward to with great anticipation. The end of 2016 is no different.

2016 in Review

Injury, surgery, a year of recovering. Ouch. I learned that I am not a good patient. Period.

Plans for hubby to retire from military life in 2017 have been dancing in our heads for the past several years. 2016 found us buying our forever home in Tennessee, three streets away from Tab and family. I am so excited to be near family again.

One of my goals this year was to make my side hustle profitable. I am pleased to have reached that goal! Yes, #ladyentrepreneur

Have I reached all of my goals. Oh no. Some I never came close to accomplishing. But the new year hovers on the horizon, beckoning me to dream, to brainstorm, and to plot my plan for the new year.  Which brings me to how I am going to set up my planner.

2017 Planner Setup

My planner is a work horse and I plan to work it even harder this year. I couldn’t decide if I was a horizontal or a vertical girl but I settled on vertical with the Inkwell Press A5 classic that lives in my luscious Filofax Malden, purple of course. I am so glad to be out of a spiral bound planner, so glad!

I found a system that worked well and plan on continuing the method in the new year. Granted, as life changes, my system can be tweaked to keep up with the times.

Last year I sectioned my weekly view into three sections but decided to decrease that to two this year and utilize the bottom boxes more efficiently.

I plan to use the top section for appointments and my personal to do list for the day, the same as I’ve been doing. The bottom section is for my business. I use a block scheduling method for designing, creating, and listing and this area will house those tasks.

The three boxes will be used for

  1. my fitness plan for the day.
  2. blog tasks, supplies or ingredients needed for specific posts, and/or graphics to do
  3. social media scheduling

I want to be more consistent with setting aside a time devoted to strictly planning, for both personal and business.

2017 will bring many challenges, changes, and exciting events and I know my planner will help me stay sane through them all. But only if I use it effectively and efficiently.

How did you decide on a planner? Which one did you choose. We’d love to hear about your methods of planning!





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