I have been insanely busy. I mean, even the word “busy” seems too weak in comparison to the intense work schedule that I’ve been shackled to for the past month. Trying to finish a knitting book, write patterns for a 24-piece collection for a yarn company, play nursemaid to my husband after his shoulder surgery, still engage with my children while home for summer break, start a new job, keep up with my regular freelance contracts, AND somehow keep up the whole food thing that everyone demands is …. well, quite horrendous. Today, though? Today I hit send on all the major stuff and suddenly, my calendar is clear! Suffice to say that this July 4th takes on a whole new level of freedom!

I’m currently giggling in an over-tired way right now. 🙂

And yet … and yet in the midst of all of my own drama and trauma, that poignant date reminds me of what freedom truly is. It reminds me of how lucky I am to be free to do the things that I do, the things that I have, and the things I plan. And it spreads even further into my soul … it reminds me to make the time to savor my freedom, to delight in the gifts that surround me. It can’t be all work, all the time. This holiday reminds us of that, of how our military served and brave soldiers fought to ensure that we have the liberty to live a happy, choice-filled life.

Remember to Make the Time. www.craftoflaughter.com

Remember to Make the Time. www.craftoflaughter.comSo, this week, I made a choice to set the work aside for a day and I took my family to the amazing Hanging Lake. With a wicked hard hike (2.3 miles and 1600 feet of climbing), the views, which feel indescribable, were all the more stunning. I am constantly awed by the wonder of the good ol’ US of A. 🙂 But, even more than that, you guys, I MADE THE HIKE (which, if you knew the backstory, you’d be chest-bumping me like men do. I’ll share that another time).

Remember to Make the Time. www.craftoflaughter.comI’m getting all mushy here and what not. The point I want to bring home is this:

On July 4, celebrate the good in your life. Let the hard stuff go and purposefully seek out the smiles, the meaning, and the freedom you have to enjoy it. Remember to make the time because that’s what it’s all about anyway.

Remember to Make the Time. www.craftoflaughter.com Remember to Make the Time. www.craftoflaughter.com

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