With spring here and every blog on the planet talking about this notion of “spring cleaning,” I can hear my brain whispering this:

  • time to get the entire house cleaned
  • there’s so much to do
  • I need to…
  • I have to…
  • This needs to be perfect …
  • my to-do list is so long…

My planner is already jam packed with my regular cleaning and work and kids and husband and writing and errands and driving and school and cooking and groceries and food prep and crafts and … I think you see where I’m going with this. I just can’t fit one more thing in. I just can’t. But, I bet, like me, you feel the pressure, don’t you? To keep up, to follow suit, to be like everyone else on Pinterest.

It does not fail to catch my attention that April is also “Stress Awareness Month.”

What if … instead of spring cleaning the house, we spiffy up our self-care routine instead? What if we said “no” to this crazy idea of cramming an entire year’s cleaning into a few short weeks and instead, allow our spirits the chance to renew and energize like the blossoms that are currently peeking out of the ground? Instead of waking early to purge the closet, let’s get a good night’s sleep and then wake to purge our minds of negative thoughts!

Crazy idea? Not really. Almost 7% of the US population alone suffers depression. Another 2% suffer anxiety issues. An estimated 30-50% of us also suffer insomnia because our brains are becoming hard-wired to keep thinking/ and doing, never able to slow down and just … be.

So, I’m issuing a challenge starting today – look at your to-do lists and busy-ness that takes over your planner and find one hour a week (just ONE) and schedule “self-care” time. It can be to meditate, journal, bubble bath, draw, read a damn good book, make a crafty-something for yourself, whatever. The point of this exercise is to find what makes your smile, what takes you away from your busy-ness and just breathe with joy.

A freelance editor, writer, and knitwear designer attempting to also raise a family, practice photography, and stay organized without losing my mind.