Spring Cleaning the Front Door

Warm breezes and daffodils popping their heads through the ground bring thoughts of spring and then spring cleaning. One of the area’s that desperately needed some work was my much neglected front entry. We seldom use that door and since the Postman never complained about the neglect making him feel unwelcome, I never paid any attention to it. OH. MY. GOD. I’m so embarrassed that the gateway to our home screamed, You’re not welcome, go away!

We’re renting our home so changing paint color or structure isn’t possible (I want a wide open front door when we buy our retirement home next year) but that does not excuse our lack of care to the area. So I set out to transform the area and I wanted to do it in the most frugal way possible. Obviously cleaning the area of old and dusty decorations was first on my list. Hubby scrubbed the door and frame and blew the leaves and dirt from the stoop.

I found a colorful welcome mat in the sales bin at Lowes and that one item gave so much life to the porch. I’m on a roll! The grocery store had the plants on clearance for $5.00 a piece and everyone knows green, living plants brighten even the dreariest area. I found the purple buckets on sale at Hobby Lobby and thought they were perfect for the new plants. (yea for the 40% coupon too!) I dug through my craft room and found the bouquet of pinwheels and flowers I used in a vase last year. Digging through my stash, I also found a cute little spring colored watering can. Wow. What a small collection of color can do to a space!

For under $45.00 and some elbow grease, we’ve transformed our front door into a welcoming and friendly entry into our home. Now that I realize what message my front entry was sending, I will never neglect it again!

Bring life to your entry way with just some elbow grease and items you find around the house. Make the space welcoming with a some spring cleaning

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