Top Ten Crumbs: Favorite Things About the Holidays. Only two more sleeps until Santa makes his appearance and in that time, we’re contemplating the meaning of this holiday: love, togetherness, peace on earth … and hope. Here are our Top Ten Crumbs of Favorite Things About the Holidays.

Tab’s Top Five Crumbs

  1. The holidays remind me to think outside myself (for once) – to consider the needs of those who don’t have enough.
  2. I savor the way my family comes together.
  3. I love the lights! Their soft, twinkling glow against the dark is like a beacon of joy.
  4. The food. Yes. The FOOD!!!! Give me all the cookies…
  5. My favorite thing, above all else, about the holiday season is the little ways that love shows up.

Cyn’s Top Five Crumbs

  1. Christmas music is one of my favorite things about the season. It can put me in the mood when all else fails.
  2. I love the smells of Christmas but the fragrance of pine is the best!
  3. Spiced pecans! It’s the only time of the year that I make them, delicious!
  4. I look forward to the special gift hubby makes me each year. He puts a lot of thought into the present each year and whatever it is, its guaranteed to make me cry. I love his thoughtfulness.
  5. I love gifting small, personal gifts to my friends. I love seeing their delight.
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