ttc-toolsThere’s always a project needing to be done, work needing to be finished, and things needing to be fixed. If you’re like us, then you have an established toolbox at home. Here are our Top Ten Crumbs of Must-Have Tools to keep in that toolbox!

Tab’s Top Five Crumbs:

  1. Drill. You, of course, need a screwdriver for small quick things, but get yourself a little handheld Dewalt drill and be prepared for anything.
  2. Command Hooks. Good gravy, I use these ALL the time! Little ones for holding shelves down on a door, large ones for aprons on the back of the cabinet, etc.
  3. Extra command hook adhesives. See Reason #2.
  4. Super glue. So many things break in my house (like the most recent mishap, my daughter’s Harry Potter wand) that this has become the second most-important thing I keep these days.
  5. Hammer. Because it feels so good to pull this out for anything that needs a little bang! Haha!

Cyn’s Top Five Crumbs:

  1. A roll of sticky backed strong Velcro. My hubby uses Velcro to keep the bins from sliding around in the back of our vehicles. Yanno, the bins you have in the back of your car to hold your work supplies or groceries. Use Velcro to keep the remote safe, rugs from sliding and the best, keep the pads from sliding off those kitchen chairs.
  2. Duct tape or as we call it in my house, Magic Tape. I really shouldn’t have to give examples, really.
  3. A tape measure. Yes, you should be able to measure for curtains, for rugs, and how tall your kidlet is!
  4. A utility knife can open boxes, trim the carpet, or cut the paint you glued the windows together with. Yes, you can also cut the underside of the couch to get out the baby ferret your daughter insists is stuck in there.
  5. A level. Yes, they make small ones, perfect for the home tool box. Stop hanging crooked pictures, use a level, Easy Peasy!
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