Top Ten Crumbs: Saving Money On School. www.craftoflaughter.comBack to school time is right out the corner (quite literally for Tab), which means we are reaching into those pocketbooks and wallets for supplies, clothing, shoes, lunches, backpacks, and haircuts. And it doesn’t end there when you think of all the year-round expenditures! Fortunately, there are small ways you can pinch a few pennies for a more frugal approach to school days. Here are our Top Ten Crumbs for Saving Money on School.

Tab’s Top Five Crumbs

  1. Go reusable for everything from napkins to lunch boxes to snack containers.
  2. Have a set of play clothes and a set of school clothes – this helps the school outfits last a long longer.
  3. Plan those lunches in advance – this lets you keep ahead on the grocery deals while saving you the higher cost of cafeteria food.
  4. Skip the individual pre-packaged snacks! Whether you use reusable containers, bags, or plastic, it is much more frugal to buy a large full-size bag of pretzels, goldfish, or chips and divide it up into snack-size portions to take to school.
  5. Shop for clothing at one of these three stores: Old Navy, Gap Kids, and The Children’s Place. And here’s why: they rotate merchandise constantly, meaning they frequently have amazing markdowns. But, the best part about their markdowns is that if you purchase an item and see later on (within 14 days) that it has gone even cheaper, bring the receipt in and they will refund the difference!

Cyn’s Top Five Crumbs

  1. Join other parents and buy in bulk.
  2. Shop office supply stores using their reward program, They usually have incredible sales on school supplies. (note to self, now is the time to stock up on stocking stuffers for Christmas)
  3. Use coupons, find a store that will match or beat the sales of competitors, and search the multitude of frugal websites for daily deals. I love my Target Debit card and cartwheel for immediate savings.
  4. Find out if your state has a tax exempt holiday for school shopping.
  5. Shop at home or create a swapping coop before spending money. Who has the extra box of pencils, who saved notebooks from last year? Swap gently used clothing too!

What are some of your favorite ways to save money for school? We’d love to know!

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