Top Ten Crumbs: Simple DIY Spring Craft IdeasWe all know that with the warmer weather comes warm spring showers, so for those rainy days when you can’t enjoy the outdoors, here are our Top Ten Crumbs of Simple DIY Spring Crafts that you can enjoy!

Tab’s Top Five Crumbs:

  1. Painting flower pots! This is one my personal favorite crafts and is easily done with some acrylic paint, brushes, terra cotta flower pots, and sealer. You can be as simple (like broad stripes) or as detailed (delicate flowers or elegant quotes) as you’d like!
  2. Making paper flowers – sometimes the allergies are too intense to dare bring those blooms in the house, but you can make paper ones with ease. The kids love this, too. In fact, try out this Hyacinth tutorial!
  3. Make a pom-pom wreath (something I am planning to do): Make a bunch of pom-poms (we love our clover pom-pom makers) and simply pin them to a straw wreath. It’s a great chance to play with colour theory, too!
  4. Make candles – melting wax, mason jars, and essential oils make for a fabulous way to spend an afternoon.
  5. Have kids? Make some pom-pom bunnies!

Cyn’s Top Five Crumbs:

  1. Paint some mason jars like I did!
  2. Have the kids plants some grass seed in egg shell planters. Make it silly by drawing a face on the shell before it sprouts hair.
  3. Watercolor throw pillows can add a touch of color to any room.
  4. Make a fairy garden, for inside or outside.
  5. Make handmade pinwheels, perfect for a spring breeze
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