Only a couple of days left until the most recognized day of the year for LOVE. That includes loving those little monstrosities we have called children (I say that will complete sweetness and adoration for the joy that they do bring to my life … sometimes). When it comes to little fun ways to celebrate the day with kids, we are all in; even forgiving the fact that one of them dumped an entire tupperware container of chili on the floor just before … Here are our Top Ten Crumbs of Valentine’s Fun you can do with and for kids, easy peasy!

Tab’s Top Five Crumbs: 
  1. Make heart-shaped pancakes in the morning decorated (inside and out) with red/pink/white sprinkles. This is my kid’s favorite thing to help make and eat. (PS – a morning time-saving: mix the liquids and the dry ingredients into their own separate containers the night before and then you just whisk it all together in the AM).
  2. Have a family card exchange! It’s even more fun to be sneaky about it, like slipping the cards into special places, so they have to guess who the card came from.
  3. I like making their lunch heart-themed: red strawberries cut in slices from the top down makes little heart shapes, heart-shaped sandwiches, and even the cucumbers by trimming down the slides and taking a notch out of the top before slicing.
  4. Have a family picnic – simple, sweet, and the perfect way to celebrate love as a family.
  5. Cozy up on the couch with soft blankets, popcorn, and all the snuggles for a lovey-dovey movie like Lady and the Tramp.
Cyn’s Top Five Crumbs: 
  1. Have a Valentine Craft day. Remember the accordion folded caterpillars we used to make as a kid? Thumb print hearts like these are good for all ages. It’s not the craft, its the crafting of family that’s important.
  2. Play Valentine’s Day themed games. Print out Valentine Bingo cards or play bean bag toss and let them land on a giant construction paper heart.
  3. Help the kids make a special dessert for the evening. Strawberry trifle or thumb print cookies. Let them serve it on red plates! Perfect for serving after a dinner of heart shaped pizza!
  4. I’m all about treasure or scavenger hunts and this holiday is no exception! You can pick up stickers or $1 box of candy for the prizes.
  5. Kids love to decorate. Have them hang red and pink streamers and balloons, banners of paper hearts, and they can each decorate a mailbox for their valentines!
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