Top Ten Crumbs: Spring Action Plans.For some of us, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and everywhere we look, flowers are making their appearance (don’t you wish you lived in Tennessee?). I’m not sure why, but the advent of spring stirs the need for spring cleaning, organization, and purging! Today, we’re sharing our top crumbs of what to do, purge, clean, or adjust for the warmer season ahead. How about you join along with our “cleaning out the doldrums of winter” by using our Top Ten Crumbs of Spring Action Plans!

Tab’s Top Five Crumbs

  1. Empty and clean every cabinet and drawer.
  2. Plan a summer garden.
  3. Clean the carpets.
  4. Schedule a duct work cleaning.
  5. Update my weekly cleaning schedule to make it more manageable.

Cyn’s Top Five Crumbs

  1. Time to spruce up the front entrance. Sweeping, getting those cob webs down, and changing the wreath and decorations to say Welcome Spring!
  2. Time to get all those neglected baseboards clean, even the corners, yuck.
  3. Change the batteries in the smoke detectors or test them if they’re wired directly.
  4. Decide on landscaping plans for the summer. We’re moving into a new house and want to make the yard ours as much as the house!
  5. Purge the kitchen pantry is on my spring cleaning list every year. Time to clean out the old spices, the expired canned goods. Perhaps its time to make a plan on stopping all that waste!
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