Top Ten Crumbs: Time Management Hacks from Craft of Laughter

Time. Oh, sweet time! How it always seems to be just slipping just out of our fingers. Managing our day is, for sure, one of the things we’ve struggled with the most in our own lives, which is why we think our little list of Top Ten Crumbs: Time Management Hacks is just what we all need!

Tab’s Top Five Crumbs

  1. Time blocking – this one is a big one for me. I plan blocks of time to focus on ONE thing, setting the timer if I must, and then moving on to the next thing when the time is up (or I’m done).
  2. Use a calendar every day and use it to plan out your day.
  3. Break large projects into small bite-sized pieces.
  4. Delegate – this one is SO hard for me (because I’m a control freak), but the more you get the kids, spouse, etc to the help, the more time you have.
  5. Just say no – to doing more than you can handle. If it means you have to bake cupcakes until midnight, then you say NO.

Cyn’s Top Five Crumbs

  1. Use those little pieces of time. I keep a list of under 10 minute tasks. When you’re waiting for dinner to cook, clean out the silverware drawer, when you’re listening to your child read, write out the birthday cards for the month.
  2. I always carry a notebook. When you’re sitting in the car line after school or waiting for the doctor to finally call you in, spend the time productively. I jot notes, work on my planner, write a blog post.
  3. Use Evernote or another app that syncs to all of your devices. That way your notes and information travels with you and you can use your found moments.
  4. Keep a running master list each month. Remember to put the action steps in your planner along with a deadline if relevant.
  5. I’m with Tab. Learn to say no. I know it’s hard to do as a mom, but it’s a skill we must all learn and perfect. Yes, mama’s, we need to say no sometimes.


A freelance editor, writer, and knitwear designer attempting to also raise a family, practice photography, and stay organized without losing my mind.