Top Ten Crumbs: Tiny Decorating Ideas to Make It Yours. www.craftoflaughter.comHome is where the heart is, but sometimes, you need a little extra-something to help make that home a little more personal. A little more you. Whether you are looking for fantastic decorating tips or just simple ways to put heart into your house, here are our Top Ten Crumbs of Tiny Decorating Ideas to Make It Yours!

Tab’s Top Five Crumbs:

  1. Add little plants, especially ones that don’t require a lot of light or care, like succulents. Tiny pots on the window sill or center of the kitchen table have just enough splash of green to bring nature in.
  2. Make your own art (or use items from the past) or written Haiku poems, frame them, and use them as decor.
  3. Go ahead and stack your favorite books – in the bookshelf, on an end table, or in a corner. They draw the eye while making it feel like home.
  4. Make pillows or blankets in your favorite colors and place them on the couches and chairs. Perfect for snuggling, as well as brightening a room.
  5. Pull Grandma’s china out of the old hutch or boxes and decorate a wall in the kitchen or dining room with them! Vintage style with an ancestral touch.

Cyn’s Top Five Crumbs:

  1. Pick up a simple bouquet of flowers at the grocery to add a touch of color
  2. Tie a big bow around that old teddy bear and sit him in a prominent spot in your living room
  3. Frame a your children’s art work and create a gallery (the stairwell is usually a neglected area!)
  4. There is nothing better than to see someone’s handcrafted afghan, quilt, or other handwork they gifted you on display
  5. Leave your dining room table set even when its not dinner time! Table runner, centerpiece, placemats.

Top Ten Crumbs: Tiny Decorating Ideas to Make It Yours.

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