Top Ten Crumbs: Tips for Self-Renewal.

When stress comes in, sweeping you off your feet, it can be a little hard getting back on track. Our health, our hearts, our SANITY can suffer, but those are the moments when we need to be extra-caring to ourselves. Think of that stressful time as an opportunity to put yourself first, to refresh and heal. Here are our Top Ten Crumbs of Tips for Self-Renewal that you can use today, right now, to lift your spirits and ride out the stress-train.

Tab’s Top Five Crumbs

  1. Schedule a day of self-care. A whole day. I don’t care who you have to bribe to watch your kids, but do it and then do something you love. Whether it is browsing the bookstore or sitting at a coffee shop or indulging in a long bath, just do it.
  2. Journal. Numerous studies show that if you just dump it all out on paper, every little thing eating you up inside, you are far more likely to feel better and move forward. So, make a pact for 30 days to write it all out. And don’t be neat about it. Scream and scribble, dump, and unload.
  3. Get some exercise. Even just simple walks every day can boost your immune and emotional response systems.
  4. Get crafty. Working with your hands is GOOD for mental health! Even Washington Post and Science magazine say so! So, knit, crochet, weave, bead, cross-stitch, or quilt .. find a natural art that calls to you and practice it.
  5. Meditate. I know, everyone says this, but it’s true. If there is anything that teaches you how to renew while also centering your spirit, this is it. Even 10 minutes does more for your heart and soul than eating a healthy salad.

Cyn’s Top Five Crumbs

  1. Soak in the tub. Lock the door, put on soft music, and light some candles. Then simply soak the stress away.
  2. Dance. Put on some funky music or turn on a dance exercise DVD and dance, and dance, and laugh, and dance! I’m betting your whole family will join in the fun.
  3. Sit outside. Enjoy the silence, the view, the breeze stroking your face. Just be in the moment.
  4. Play with your kids. The one think in life you can do without any pressure. Have a tea party, run through the sprinklers, or build a snowman. And then… be thankful.


A freelance editor, writer, and knitwear designer attempting to also raise a family, practice photography, and stay organized without losing my mind.