Top Ten Crumbs: Ways to Honor Veterans EverydayVeteran’s Day is coming up in a less than a week, a holiday that is very near and dear to our hearts. Supporting, encouraging, and celebrating the sacrifices that our Vets and their families made is important, not only to honor them, but to increase our own awareness of the gifts we have been given. Here are our Top Ten Crumbs of Ways You Can Honor Veterans any day of the week.

Tab’s Top Five Crumbs:

  1. Volunteer at a local USO Chapter or Canine Companions for Independence. Doing so might even impact you more than them.
  2. Place flowers on the graves of our deceased veterans. It’s a small gesture that shows their family that someone else cares, too.
  3. Teach your kids about Veteran’s Day and why it’s important. Have those discussions about sacrifice and see what it means to them.
  4. Encourage your company to make Veteran’s Day an official company holiday.
  5. Visit and search with the keyword “veterans” to discover ways you can help out in your local area.

Cyn ‘s Top Five Crumbs:

  1. Listen. Ask a Veteran about their time in the military and listen to their story. The WWII vets are getting fewer each year and we especially need to hear their history.
  2. Attend an event. Whether its the laying of a wreath on the courthouse lawn or a ceremony at a National Cemetery, please attend and bring your kids!
  3. Deliver a meal or treats to a Veteran. The visit will be appreciated
  4. Help a disabled or elderly Veteran around their house. Mow the lawn, fix the step, paint the door.
  5. Fly your flag. Fly it to show our Veterans that we were worth fighting for.
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