When the going gets tough, you can crawl under a rock and hide or follow my 5 tips to pull yourself back up.

I recently had an incredibly hard time getting back on track after my entire routine was tossed around and changed for an extended period.  I just couldn’t seem to get my mojo back, my motivation was nonexistent, and I was floundering through each day.  This resulted in absolutely nothing getting crossed off on my to do list making me feel even more overwhelmed. I knew I had to either put my big girl panties on and pull myself together or I’d continue to spiral out of control and never get back in the game. I discovered some helpful actions that prompted me in the right direction.

  • This is imperative. Ask for help. It doesn’t have to be a professional, but choose someone who will understand the situation, give sound advice, and then continue to encourage you. That being said, this post is about getting back into your routine due to change not about overcoming depression. **IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED OR SUICIDAL PLEASE LET SOMEONE KNOW. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP NOW**
  • Feed your soul. What fills you up? Art, music, a hike through the woods. Don’t use this to postpone your work, this is to feed your inner self so you can gain your inspiration and motivation back.
  • Tweak your schedule. I expected to just jump back into the chaos I called my life. Not gonna happen, my friends. I needed to tweak my schedule into smaller action steps resulting in feeling more confident and motivated as I was able to accomplish more and more.
  • Remember to treat yourself for a job well done. If I got five Etsy listings done or a blog post written, I’d reward myself. Nothing extravagant just a simple pat on my own back kinda thing. I splurged on Starbucks or a grocery store bouquet of flowers.
  • The bottom line was to make myself work. That saying is true. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Get tough, be tough. You can do this.

The littlest change can throw your whole routine out the window, can’t it? If the upset in your routine is for an extended period, it can be difficult when you “get back to normal.” I hope my five steps will help you get your daily mojo back too.



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